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Monday, August 13, 2007

Why I Need a More Friendly Camera...

... when I travel.

Cut to scene: Matt visiting his friends Brett & Theresa in Philadelphia. Matt & Brett hop out of the car to jump in line at Pat's King of Steaks for some famous Philly cheese steak action on the city's south side. Matt hasn't seen his high school buddy in a while and decides he wants a simple photo to commemorate his visit and their stop at this city landmark. Matt and Brett strike up friendly conversation with husband and wife couple behind them in line, and Matt asks them to snap a quick picture of him and Brett. Matt sees look of anxiety and intimidation on man's face when he hands him big, heavy camera with lots of buttons. Matt reassures the man everything's all set to go and all the man has to do is focus the little rectangle in the window on either Matt or Brett's face and then press the big silver button. Man smiles nervously. Matt and Brett put on their cheesy grins and hold it. And hold it. And hold it. Lip quivering, but still holding. Shutter finally clicks.

And the result (click image for larger view)...

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