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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Dog Days

It was inevitable. Summer has finally hit here in Texas which is to say outdoor photo sessions are on temporary hiatus until the temperature drops back into the bearable.

Unfortunately, the dog apparently hasn't noticed and still wants to go for walks on a regular basis. She lets me know seemingly without fail at the end of every episode of TiVo'd Dirty Jobs playing in the background that she's tired of watching me sit at this computer for hours on end. Kinda like a built in alarm clock. "Yo, gimme some attention! Get a life and take me for a walk, would ya?"

Here's a couple fun images from today's excursion through the park. (click on images for larger view)


Tawny said...

soooo cuuuuuuute! How precious. Great pp work too!

Snapshot said...

Gotta love a two Jack Russell's that don't think highly of me working at the computer either (Zeus and Harry). One is absolutely OCD about a red ball!