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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

E-mail is so 2003

My buddy, Schrode, just got a new iMac with a built in camera, so we used Video iChat and had an old-fashioned e-face to e-face conversation last night via the web. Amazing how far we've come in the last 10 years with technology.

I haven't figured out whether Schrode's doing the dance from Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video or impersonating Sulley from Monster's Inc. in this picture. Either way, by the look on my face I was terrified, and - in the case of the former - a little concerned.


Anonymous said...

Dude..... the picture looks even BETTER on your
blog. Preston just saw it and died laughing. While
I can see where you are going with the Michael Jackson "Thriller" reference, I am thinking ANYTHING
related to Michael Jackson is never good, nor safe
for that matter. So.....let's stick with the Monster's
Inc. and Sulley reference! :)

That was a TON of fun last night bro. I am looking
forward to the next time we can chat. I am pretty
sure that we can do a "three-way" chat with someone else too!!!!!

My students are coming in to class tomorrow. Uggh. I am SO not ready for this school year, but
I know that the Lord will go before me. Thanks
for your prayers my brother!!!!!

- Schrode

Anonymous said...

Wow. The two of you have grown up soooooo much since high school, I can't believe it's the same guys. :)

Glad to see that you are both young at heart and not taking life too seriously.

Mike, good luck with "back to school". If it makes you feel any better, my daughter went back Aug. 7th.

Have a great week!

Anonymous said...


Nice to hear from you on Matt's blog! He is SO
amazingly talented that it makes me ill. How blessed
is this guy that broke your leg? :)

Yes, today was "back to school". Wow, I cannot
imagine going back on the 7th....I thought the 22nd
was tough enough! Your poor daughter :(

My wife and I are expecting our first child (a daughter - Reagan) ourselves on October 8th. We
cannot wait!

blessings to you!

- Mike

Matt Nicolosi said...

Hey, why does someone always have to bring up the past? She had another leg as a back-up.

I'm still sorry, Kari.

Anonymous said...

Hey, the past is the past. Nothing to apologize for. By the way, have you noticed, I'm never the one to bring it up. Besides it happened 20 years ago. Oh, now I feel old.

Mike - congrats on having a lil' girl on the way. They are soooo much fun. Mikayla and I are having such a good time right now. I wish I could stop time and keep her at this age before puberty hits. It will be a whole different ball game then. Also, Mike, not only did she go back to school on the 7th but I have her in a year round school.

Good to hear from you both. Keep in touch and Mike let me know when Reagan arrives. Congrats again!


Mike "TheStyerclaus" Styer said...

Well, I was not there the infamous night in Southern Estates with the "Tackle-Break Heard Round the World", but it sure is fun to give Matt a rough time about..... even 20 years later! :) Dude- I think she forgave you 20 years ago too :) :)

We can't wait to meet Ms. Reagan Adelle. I am sure that I am in BIG trouble with this little girl and that she will have her daddy wrapped around her finger
in no time!

Year round school for your daughter? Wow, I think that would be tough on everyone involved..... thankfully Pleasant is not there quite yet!

We will keep you ALL posted when the baby arrives! Rizor's little boy was born last week
and he is adorable!!!!!! Miles Joseph Rizor :)

peace, hope, and love,

- Schrode