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Monday, August 13, 2007

Philly Friends

It was great to see Brett and Theresa in Philadelphia this past weekend. I grew up with Brett back in Ohio, and it's always fun to hang out and catch up with one of the hometown crew. Funny how it's just like we're back in HS when we get together... except, of course, we now have more bills, bigger TVs and actual responsibilities, but otherwise it's pretty much the same. Same jokes that are so unfunny they're funny. Same ragging on each other. Same tendency to throw caution to the wind (Hey, Brett, this will be a cool shot. When you see a break in the cars in the middle of this street in downtown Philly, run out there and sit in the median in the middle of the road while I photograph the buildings blurred out behind you).

Brett and Theresa are expecting their first little one, Miles, just about any day now. I was carrying a camera. Theresa was carrying a baby. So of course we took a few photographs during a brief, impromptu session in the city before they dropped me off at the airport on Saturday.

I'll be expecting a call any minute now telling me Miles has made his debut.

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Anonymous said...


Please pass on my congratulations to Brett on the new addition to his family - baby Miles. Any by the way, you've been back to Ohio to visit Michael and now Philly to see Brett. When you coming to the Twin Cities?

Have a good one!