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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Attention All Babysitters!

In case this photography thing doesn't work out, I can now add babysitter to the resumé list. This weekend Jerry and Tina were celebrating their 10th anniversary, so my friend ('aunt') Kandis was watching Trinity for the weekend so mom and dad could get some much-deserved baby-free time. I must confess I didn't do much babysitting... I stopped over Saturday night, saw the baby, played with the baby, enforced no rules with the baby, encouraged new (a.k.a. bad) habits with the baby, and photographed the baby... so mainly I'm just taking all the glory while Kandis did all the work. Kind of a babysitter by proxy kind a thing. We had a ton of fun, though, and Trinity was just as entertaining as she was entertained.

This is my favorite kind of photography to do... no primping, no posing, no "hold that look"... just photographing life as it happens and people as they are. 30 years from now mom and dad will look back at these images and see Trinity for who she is at this moment in time... a sweet, messy, wild, playful, innocent, mischievous, quirky, inquisitive, imperfect, precious 2 year old little girl. I really want my images to say something about a person; I want my images to be a reflection of their subject's personality. I think these are right on the money for Trinity, and she truly is - as the slideshow music says - a "Little Bright Star".

I would be remiss not to mention faithful Ally. At over 8 years old, She's gladly taken a back seat to little Trinity for the last two years. Such a sweet and trusty companion. And as dog's go, she's a photographer's dream - she just sat there and looked right into the light and didn't move. Then again, she had a long day with lots of excitement, so she was a bit worn out.

Enjoy the slideshow.

Happy Anniversary, Jerry and Tina!


Suzie said...

Oh WOW, Matt! I just got teary eyed!! That was awesome! I found you thru Skye's forum, I'm attending the Austin workshop as well. I will be blog stalking until then, hope ya don't mind! *wink* Your work is amazing.

Matt Nicolosi said...

Stalker's welcome, Suzie. [grin]

Can't wait 'til the workshop in Austin. Should be a ton o' fun. See you around the forum until then.