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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Stoddart Family [slideshow!]

A couple weeks ago we went for some late afternoon bake time in the sun in McKinney to create some images for the Stoddart family. Julie had just turned 21 mom was hosting a big celebration for the weekend with a ton of extended family in town.

Here's the follow-up slide show mentioned in the earlier post.

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Mike "TheStyerclaus" Styer said...

Bro - Your images continue to just totally blow me away. I only get around to checking your blog once
or so a week and I am amazed by what I see. God has truly blessed you with an AMAZING talent that you are using in a very positive way!

What a beautful family!



p.s. October 8th is coming soon! Hopefully you will be coming back to Ohio this fall????