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Thursday, April 24, 2008


These are the things life's made of. I wish I could say these kinda things don't happen very often to me, but truth be told it's more frequent than I care to admit. Case in point - remember poor Mac? (On a side note, just this past weekend I left poor Mac's replacement in the seat back in front of me on my flight from Houston to Dallas, and I didn't realize it until I got all the way out to my car. Long story short, I'm sure I looked like OJ dashing through the airport in those old Hertz commercials, but I got the laptop back from the gate agent just before the plane went on to Toronto.) And just a couple weeks ago there was the pile of spaghetti that free-falled onto the white carpet below when the plate it was on just randomly snapped in half as I was carrying it to the couch. And I can't count the number of times I've searched for my car keys for more than a few minutes only to realize they're in my hand... I could go on (and on, and on), but I digress.

Any long time blog readers know I'm a big fan of Fruity Pebbles. Yes, I'm 35. Yes, I know 12 year olds love this Bedrock favorite. Yes, I know it's basically pure sugar. I. Don't. Care. Nothing you can say will change my fondness for the Pebbles. Sometimes I like to take a bowl with me to eat on the drive into the office. I know, I know... I shouldn't be eating and driving at the same time especially given my multi-tasking deficiencies, but it's a trade-off. I can either get up 10 minutes earlier in the morning and eat breakfast, or I can sleep in 10 more minutes and eat on the road. I dunno 'bout you, but it's no contest for me. Maybe God was telling me he doesn't approve of my choice because this morning as I was walking out the door with hands full, well... you can see for yourself below. Sorry Fred. Sorry Barney.

It's usually when I'm trying to do too much or too many things at once when these things happen. I think God's got a sense of humor (after all, He did invent it), and these are his ways of saying 'Slow down, chief. Maybe you need to focus just a bit more."

I'm getting the message. And I'm also getting more Fruity Pebbles.



Pearson Family said...

My 2 year old daughter is sitting with me as I blog...and she saw this picture and yelled:
WHO MADE THAT MESS! Now she is upset the pop up box is in front of "the mess!" Too funny!

Anonymous said...

Bro.... do you happen to have a picture of Kari's broken leg to go along with this mess? Just curious..... :)

- Schrode

p.s. Some new posts at: of Reagan (hint, hint!)

Anonymous said...

Mike, That wasn't nice. Besides my leg was too grotesque to take a picture of. At least the Pebbles make a pretty and colorful mess.

Melissa Jill :) said...

ooooooo. That's rough. (read the Mac story too) There will definitely be a rule about you not laying a hand on any of my photo equipment while we're shooting together :). You understand.

Matt Nicolosi said...

Actually I'm phenomenal with other people's stuff for just that reason, Melissa... I'm paranoid of breaking/losing it... well, except for Kari's leg... and my friend (from HS) Tim's collar bone. Umm, oh yeah, and that ladies front tooth at a girls HS basketball game. Anyway, that's not the point here.

That's okay, though... I don't need your junk Canon gear anyway.

Kendra said...

I guess it could have been worse. You could spilled your Fruity Pebbles in your car when the crazy lady putting on her mascara while driving caused an accident.

How in the world do you hold a bowl of cereal, a spoon, and steer the car?!!

Anonymous said...

Matt, your a hoot! You really should write a book.

Anonymous said...

fruity pebbles are the best eva!

but only when it is soggy, and only when you eat it out of a big plastic cup.

you should definitely stick with plastic matt.
it doest shatter when hitting the floor:)

Paula Barber said...

Your title cracks me up.
That is the happiest mess
I have seen in a while.

Anonymous said...

fruity pebbles!! I thought I was the only adult alive that liked them!! I understand that but eating them while driving?? holy cow!! I am not certain I would attempt that...."wendys chili" is the only thing I have attempted while driving!!! hee hee!!

Julie Fraser Photography said...

Fruity Pebbles, please that cereal is for my 11yr son. Now froot loops is another story. They trump your fruity pebbles. Sorry...