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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Emily & Reese {sisters!}

Okay, seriously... who has kids that are this cute? I mean, c'mon... are you kiddin' me? Both big sister Emily and baby Reese have gorgeous big, blue eyes, and check out Emily's curly blond hair. Beautiful.

Mom Sarah and I have been trying for a few months to find a good time to have a session to capture her breath-taking little girls, and along with proud dad, Dan, we all met up in the Deep Ellum Arts District last weekend and made it happen. I couldn't be happier with the results. Then again, with looks like these two have, you'd have to try really hard to get a bad image.

I can't wait for mom and dad to see the rest of the images, but here's a few sneak peeks until then.












Leah said...

these are adorable, I love the 3rd one and the orange background with her hair and especially composition in the second to last one. Great work

Paula Barber said...

They are beautiful!
Gorgeous shots.
I love the orange one too.
and the second to last one.
Oh, they are all amazing.
Who knew Deep Ellum could be so ethereal?

Kendra said...

You should consider being a professional photographer. : ) Absolutely gorgeous!!! said...

You have got to offer a class for us little people. You are amazing and the word....."WOW".

Melissa Jill :) said...

SO precious. Great shoot Matt! Love the second from the bottom.

twarpula said...

Oh my word! Amazing!! Love the 3rd one and the 5th one!! Great job once again. WE need you to do workshops!! ~Tanya