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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Meet the LaScola's

Admit it. It's just fun to say, isn't it? LaScola... I'm hearing the song, 'That's Amore' in my head (and now you probably are, too) as I let it role off the tongue.

My friend, Sarah (LaScola, it never gets old), had her brother, Matt (awesome name), his wife, Sandy, their little pride and joy, Joe, and her mom, Sally, in town recently, so we went to a local park and documented the fam before the next installation in the LaScola (nope, not tired of it yet) family arrives later this year. Congrats, Matt & Sandy!

Sarah just moved into her new house in Frisco and was nice enough to have a bunch of friends who didn't have family in town over on Easter for a HUGE dinner. We had a an Easter Egg hunt for little Trinity and Joe, although "hunt" might be a bit of a stretch - Trinity's mom and dad (Jerry & Tina) brought over somewhere in the neighborhood of about a million plastic eggs filled with candy, so Jerry, Matt & I ran out of hiding places in the back yard and just started tossin' them smack dab in the middle of the yard after a while. Trinity and Joe were practically trippin' over 'em as soon as they walked out the back door.(BTW, Sarah, did you ever get the egg out of the tree or are you still staring at it bitterly every time you walk outside?)

Here's a few images from our party in the park the day before.















Thanks, Sarah!


jenny said...

the pic of little joe with his shirt in his mouth is definetly over the fireplace mantel material....adorable!!!!

Melissa Andries said...

beautiful matt!!! love the pic of the kid with the shirt in his mouth!!! so precious!!!

paula barber said...

I have to agree with Jenny!

Anonymous said...

I was going to say the SAME thing about the little guy with the shirt in his mouth. It's an amazing shot!

Lisa Lawrence said...

i love them all! especially coveting the location and the pattern of the bridge/fence with little boy....the tall tree limbs in the one walking with his mom; the daffodils to the left of mom and boy frames that shot perfectly! the interaction between the family is genuine! love the pprocessing, too! Very soft!

Denise Brooks said...

I am Sandy's sister in Pittsburgh so my opionion may be a little biased, but these are wonderful. I actually got a little choked up looking at them. The setting is spectacular and so are the LaScola's. Great job!