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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

More Austin

Here's a few more images from Austin this past weekend. This was a little park I stumbled upon when I was trying to find the hotel. I really cherish the times when I can just grab my camera and walk around in solitude just looking through the lens to see things a little differently. Very peaceful & relaxing, and I think it really helps keep the creativity fresh.

The next post will include a few images from the awesome kiddo models we got to photograph at the workshop, so stay tuned.

I thought this composition and the way the fence, tree and old house came together was pretty cool. This was photographed using the 14-24mm lens, I love wide angle lens in close-ups like this.

Slow shutter speed... 1/5th of a second

Fast shutterspeed - 1/2500th of a second.


Loved angles and perspectives in this image.


jenny said...

love,love,LOVE the first waterfall pic. were you down at Bull Creek? Did you use any kind of fill flash on those or just natural light?
Back to your previous post...its a good thing you didn't have a bag of cheetohs w/ you b/c last time I checked in the owners manual, a D3 and cheesy cheetoh fingers just isn't a good combo!!!

paula barber said...

that waterfall is breathtaking.
and the first shot with the
14-24mm. . .


Melissa Jill :) said...

Love the slow shutter speed waterfall shot--looks like glass!