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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Party for a Princess

Princess Trinity turns 3 on tax day this week, so to celebrate the royal parents Jerry & Tina hosted a party and a feast for your highness. Cinderella even stopped by and entertained the court with some dancing, story-telling, a treasure hunt and a little face-painting.

Mom and dad really went all out for this one, which is nothing new for the Tackett's. They are truly the host(esses) with the most(esses).

Here's a few photos I managed to capture amidst the festivities.


Here's the invite. Tina designed and printed these on parchment paper and mailed them to the guests rolled up in a tube like a scroll.

What would a Cinderella party be without a glass slipper?

...or two.

...or 20.

Tina's super-talented friend Leanne made a whole castle full of cupcakes disguised as mice. Too cool.


As usual, Tina never misses a detail for these parties.

Ahem... a little subliminal [read: shameless] self-promotion for yours truly.

The best part about this image is the little knight sitting across from Cinderella watching her intently with his helmet on. Rocks.

No comment required.


Each knight and princess had a royal costume to change into when they arrived at the Tackett castle. This little guy was off looking for his damsel to rescue.

Knights un-armored and princesses back in their street clothes, it was time for some mice cake and other royal treats.

Cinderella and the birthday girl.

BTW, the castle was custom built by King Jerry and the Queen mom, Tina, using 2 refrigerator packaging boxes, an oven packaging box, some rope for the (working) draw bridges, and a whole lotta purple paint and brick stencilling. Nothing like doing a nice, small, low-key birthday party for your 3 year-old.


jenny said...

i actually let out an audible chuckle when i got to the "or 20" comment on the shoes...too funny. Oh to be 3 again...

T. Grossie Originals Photography Blog said...

Your art is so amazing!! I love all of it!! You are such an inspiration! Tanya

Devan Whitson said...

Awesome...great shots...I am totally going to throw over the top birthday parties when I have kids!

Anonymous said...

I love it! I can't wait for Max's birthday this summer...we are thinking dinasaurs...Trinity's mom really inspired me to do some fun things!

Tina [Trinity's Mom] said...

These pictures are awesome! You really captured the essence of the party. Thank you so much for taking them! They will be great memories for Trinity as she grows up... especially because her dear, sweet Uncle Matt took them. Oh, and by the way, King Jerry didn't lift a finger in building that castle, so don't let him fool you! Granted, he and my dad held the stonework stencil in place while I painted, but that's it! Love the pictures and so glad you could be there on Trinity's special day.

b.mofoto said...

I LOVE your stuff...I love your style. I'm new to the whole pursuing photog as a career and I'm trying to network. I got your name from a friend. Glad I did!

Hope to learn some stuff from you:)

Anonymous said...

Bro - Great pics, as always. Pretty sweet parents to throw such a creative birthday party for their little princess. PLEASE make sure though that they don't consider throwing a $250,000+ bday for her on her "Sweet 16" a la MTV style with the mandatory BMW convertible.... oh my....

Reagan is now 6 months old as of 4/10. My mom asked about her "6 month" pictures and mentioned going to Target, Sears, etc. to which Amanda exclaimed, "I would rather have Matt come back!" :) Thought that would make your day!

p.s. Make sure to see Reagan's first experience with green beans video AND some other new blog entries from us on our website!

Kendra said...

What a lucky little girl to have such an awesome party AND beautiful photos of it.

Anonymous said...

Matt, Oh Matt, Can you fly to Atlanta in June? ;) Beautiful coverage. Love the last image. Too cute. I'm going to have to hit Tina up on her design secrets for our next princess party - much inspiration there. I mean, I'm pretty big on details...but this puts me to shame. Already calling my local Sears for boxes!

Love your work as always - hope you're doing well!

Btw, nice shot of the paper clothing bag. I love your preference of what name photographs well (ahem, Ava) ;)


Ms Kellie said...

They look so cute. I knew most of them even in costume. Great Pictures Matt. Wonderful idea Tina and Trinity looks adorable.

Ms Kellie