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Thursday, April 3, 2008

If John Elderidge Could See Me Now

I just posted about John Elderidge's book, Wild at Heart, not too long ago where he talks about one of the biggest issues men face today is that society seeks to create 'nice guys' by trying to take away the very warrior nature God instilled in them.

Need I say more?


I'm not sure what happened to my common sense that allowed Skye Hardwick to capture this shining moment of masculinity in all it's glory at her Austin workshop last weekend. I have no doubt that men everywhere feel so proud right now. Hey, at least a had a little 5 o'clock shadow goin' for me... that looks kinda tough, right?

In the words of arguably history's most emasculated male cartoon icon Charlie Brown, "Good grief."

It's time's like this I wish I had an 'undo' button for life.


paula barber said...

Well. . .your shirt has a very
warrior-ly feel to it.

Melissa Jill :) said...

Awww....aren't you pretty? :) You look like you're ready to go frolic in a field.

jenny said...

matt's incredible photos = $$$$$
matt's iphone to lead him to great photos = $$$$
matt's ability to make others smile (by sacrificing his "manlyhood" and posing with flowers) - PRICELESS

Snapshot said...

"Tip toe through the tulips" came to mind.

But let me just say, there is nothing more manly than a 5 o'clock shadow. So you are are safe!

Melissa Andries said...

tough, indeed!!! hahahahah! ;)

Lisa Lawrence said...

I especially like the way your hands are holding the dandelion....and may I add they look like very soft hands, ha ha!

Schrode said...


Nicole Mc said...

I think i'd like to read this book. I am currently raising 3 young boys and have read several books about this idea, that we have to let boys really be BOYS! As a mother i struggle, but i'm trying and aware. I try to let them fight and yell and be who they really are (ok, within reason!!) With that being said....this photo is precious..but yeah thank goodness for the 5 o clock shadow!! :)

kimbrali said...

soul train. very very soul train. im not sure if you get that or not but either way.... that is what you are right here:)

and just so you is so not cool to spell kool with a k!