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Monday, March 31, 2008


Sometimes a problem or even just an inconvenience is God's way of telling you to try out a different route to get to something better. While that's a bit of a theme for me lately, this past Sunday it was just plain literal. I was on my way back from one of Skye Hardwick's Soulographer photography workshops in Austin (more on that in a later post) thinking about the awesome time I had, the cool stuff I learned, and the fantastic people I met when my post-workshop reminiscing party came to a screeching halt on I-35 near Hillsboro, TX. 'Perfect' I thought to myself (probably not the actual word I was thinking). First I thought it would be no biggie... it's Sunday afternoon so surely this was only a temporary slow-down caused by a minor fender bender. Tick. Tock. Ugh, what's the hold up? Tick. Tock. What a beating... my 3 hour drive is now 30 minutes behind schedule with no relief in site, and no obligatory road trip cheetohs in the car to distract me. Wait a minute... I've got an iPhone... and it's got Google Maps (and it's just cool in general which helps a little here). I tell it to locate where I'm at on the map, and see that if I get off I-35 I can wind through some back roads and skip all this mess and get back on the highway a few miles up ahead. Genius I am for being so resourceful and for buying my rock star iPhone. Yay, Apple.

Great idea... except the side roads were littered with detours and closings because of work being done on them. Stupid, over-priced iPhone didn't point that part out. Next thing I know I'm on some rinky-dink back road to no where when God turned my pile of lemons into a big ol' bucket of lemonade.

I love old, vintage cars no matter what kinda shape they're in. They're one of the things - if not the thing - I love to photograph most when it's just me and my camera out playing around. They just have so much character and history about them... classic Americana. I was actually just thinking about them a little earlier in the drive hoping I would see some close to the highway on the way home, but had pretty much given up on it. But because of this little traffic snafu that I was annoyed about, I took another route that turned into something cooler. Sometimes we don't alway get to travel the path we thought we would, but God always knows a better way.

Here's just a little taste of my lemonade He poured me on my trip home.










And here's a couple from a truck I saw on the way down to Austin





jenny said...'re the one who ought to be teaching a class in Austin!!

Isn't it funny how when we try to take total control of our lives, it just leads to frustration but when we put God in the pilot's seat...He generally leads us right to what makes us content. Now, about that class in Austin...!!!!

paula barber said...

(sigh) you and me both. LOVE those antique cars. Killer shots. I'm glad He knew the best way home for you. :o)

Now, about this workshop. I'm insanely jealous. I was checking her site up until the last moment praying for a cancellation. Puh-lease share!!! I can't wait to see.

J.Stoia Portrait Design said...

Matt... wow this post hit the bullseye for me. I have really have been more aware of how God shows us things in such a subtle way. Many people wont recognize what God is showing us. In this situation, it would seem so obvious...."Trust in him!" But many people would just think its a coincidence. Anyways, the cars rock. I love those old rusted abandoned cars.

Schrode said...

Bro.... just another of life's good old detours.... at least we think they are until the good Lord shows us that He knew where He had us going the whole time....

Not sure if I shared this quote with you yet, but it is a good one to hold on to: "In order to realize the worth of the anchor, we need to feel the stress of the storm."

I will look forward to our next chat brother! pax, - Schrode

Anonymous said...

I knew you worked at Sims for some reason.

Suzie said...

These are seriously so freakin' COOL! I agree, you should have been teaching the workshop! Sorry I couldn't make it :( Totally bummed.

and one NEVER leaves on a roadtrip without Cheetos! That's mandatory! At least for me! LOL!

Paige said...

I was right there with you, somewhere! I think I sat on 35 IN Hillsboro for ONE HOUR! Great photos of kids and cars! You are amazing. So, when is your workshop?

Paige said...

I was right there with you, somewhere! I think I sat on 35 IN Hillsboro for ONE HOUR! Great photos of kids and cars! You are amazing. So, when is your workshop?

Brooke Drellos said...

Love these shots, Matt! How does one get a hold of these photos for her house??? You should really think about selling your art portraits...i love your perspective. (let me know if you do. :))

Dejah Quinn said...

It's not often guys take a "lost on the road" moment and make it something beautiful!! God is awesome! You are awesome!!

Lisa Lawrence said...

I know exactly how you felt when you saw those cars....heart beating like it was Christmas morning! Love those little suprises from God. He's awesome, isn't he!

Ditto on you holding a workshop! I'd sign up for sure! Heck I'll go ahead and volunteer to host the dang thing!! I'm in Augusta, GA.. just let me know!

ps. love all these shots! my fav is the 3 cars in a row from behind!

Monica Paredes Yoga & Art, LLC said...

Beautiful images, as always. You can really feel those rusty textures. I believe it was actually YOU who made the best of what didn't turn out your way originally ;) God may have put Bugattis in your path, but without your open attitude, you may not have seen them...but you did.

Monica Paredes Yoga & Art, LLC said...

Well, maybe not Bugattis, more like Jalopies :)

Matt Nicolosi said...

Hey, Brooke. Give me a shout via email ( or phone (214-621-4264) if you're interested in an image/print.

And, yes, I'm planning a site/mini-site now where people can purchase featured travel prints.