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Monday, March 10, 2008


It's been awhile since little Trinity has made an appearance on the blog, but she's back and more beautiful than ever. And guess who's got a birthday coming up in April? It seems unreal to me that this little bright star will be 3 soon. Seems like, well, 3 years ago I took the first of what would be many images of this sweetie growing up.

For a little fun this afternoon, we loaded up the car with tutus, boots, all the favorite stuffed animals, and lots of gold fish crackers and hit the road to head down to Deep Ellum for an urban photo session to commemorate another approaching milestone. We had a blast, and with the exception of a little Trinity tumble off a 3 foot ledge and a dead car battery, I'd say it was more than a success.

Thanks for being such a rock star, Trinity.
~ 'Uncle' Matt

Here's a few images from our party.


I love this image... looks like she's just leanin' back and kickin' it old school.











This last one cracks me up. While I was changing settings on my camera little Trinity found this bottle in the high grass and was looking down inside of it, so when I looked up, I had to capture this priceless image. Too funny. Please don't email me saying I'm promoting underage drinking. Nothing could be further from the truth - just a great impromptu moment.



Kye said...

I love them all, but the last one is icing on the cake :-) To funny !

Tina said...

Thank so much, Matt! It was such fun!!! Even with the mishaps... dead battery, big fall, beer drinking... it's never a dull moment! The images turned out beautifully. I feel honored to have such a talented friend in you and I know Trinity feels the same about her dear, sweet Uncle Matt.

mize15 said...

love them all - our lil bright start is really growing up so fast! and of course she is just as sweet as she is beautiful - which is saying quite a lot!

Sherri Jackson said...

What a cutie! She certainly seems right at home in front of the camera.

And you know, if you hadn't given her all that beer, she might not have fallen. I'm just sayin'...


J.Stoia Portrait Design said...

Oh man, she is absolutely adorable!! I love love love the colors with her little urban dance session. Great session Matt!

Schrode said...

Bro (am I the only one that starts with that comment? I just feel that I must being the only guy who posts to your blog most of the time...hmmmm....) - Great shots of little Trinity. I hope our Reagan can grow up to be as cute as she is!

P.S. Guess who I ran into tonight at Kroger? Kyle Klaiber (sp)! He has worked out at Wyandot Popcorn for 15 years!

Kara May said...

Great session! Love the feet shoot with the tutu and the graffiti. Nice work Matt :)

Adrienne said...

I love them all...especially the paint splattered wall. Why can't I find anything like that??