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Friday, February 29, 2008

Strange Images for a Strange Day

So, it's February 29th... a bonus day. After a long day down town, I had a bit of time to walk around this evening, and lemme tell ya, there's not a lot going on in downtown Dallas at night. It's no Boston or Chicago or New York... but they're working on it. Lots of construction going on trying to make it a social hub and a place more people will want to live. In the meantime, I was being stalked by a few of the cool (and kinda creepy) retail window residents at every turn.








Adrienne said...

I love these Matt. New D3 huh?
Looks like you had fun.

B said...

I was working in downtown 10-12 years ago when there was even less down there. It was the scariest place after dark. My boss made the valet park my car right in front of the front door every night so I wouldn't have to go into the parking garage on my own.

I can't believe it's taken this long to rejuvinate the area.