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Monday, February 4, 2008

Photo Therapy

Saturday afternoon I had a chance to return to my proverbial photography roots when I made a little time to go down to the Deep Ellum arts district and just walk around with a camera on a personal mini photo scavenger hunt. This is my favorite way to relax and recharge my batteries from time to time. Some people like to sit in their favorite chair and read a good book. Others like to get a massage. Still others - God love 'em - like to go running. Me? Give me a camera and put me any place that has a little character, and I'm golden. Just call me when it's dinner time so I don't forget to eat.

Landscape and cityscape photography is really where my passion for the lens began, and while I love my clients and creating lasting images with and for them, I really want to make time every once in a while to give myself a chance to be free to photograph whatever interests me. It keeps me from getting burnt out and it helps me to see things in new ways which is ultimately a good thing for my clients as well.

If your a photographer and you find yourself in a rut or just feeling a little creatively - ahem - bored, take some time for yourself to remember why you fell in love with the camera and then go recapture that. Both you and your clients will be happy you did.

Here's a couple fun images from Saturday afternoon of this local biker's watering hole. Such a cool place with a couple Harley's sitting out front. I could've photographed this scene alone for a couple hours, but unfortunately I didn't have that much time. I'll post more images from this little afternoon safari tomorrow.

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lisa lawrence said...

too cool! thanks for the inspiration! ikwym about needing a little therapy!

jenny said...

those would really be cool printed on a metallic paper!! and couldn't help but laughing at your runners comment...thanks for sending love our way!!!!

Adrienne said...

Love them. I love to head to down town Las Vegas and do some inspirational shooting. Never a dull moment there and I have a blast doing it.