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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Jai & Rishi { brothers! }

Recently I had the chance to visit and play with Jai & Rishi. To borrow [read: blatantly plagarize] a phrase from all the grandmas out there, these two have "grown like weeds" since the last time I photographed them back in June. Big brother Jai has got GQ looks already, and he's got such a fun personality to boot. And this time around, he was ready and excited for the camera from the moment I walked in the door... no warm-up required!

Little Rishi is such a happy guy. He loves hanging out with his brother and just being part of the fun. And the eyes! I said this back in June & now it's even more evvident...both Jai and Rishi have some of the most amazing eyes you'll ever see! I'm a little jealous.

Here's a sneak peek of a few images from our session together. I'll post a slideshow with all the images a little later.








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Dejah Quinn said...

love the colors, tones!