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Saturday, February 23, 2008

D 3 L I S C I O U S !


I love getting boxed packages in the mail. And if those boxes say B&H Photo on the outside... well, I just can't open them fast enough. Yesterday was one of those occasions.

If you're a photographer, unless you've been living in the woods with no connection to the outside world the last 6 months, you've heard about the new Nikon D3. It is the newest technological innovation and flagship digital SLR camera from Nikon, and arguably the finest camera in this class of any brand. (Sorry, Canon users... you have a legitimate beef with that statement, but let's face it, Canon's been a step ahead of Nikon for the last couple years until now, so let us Nikon folks have our moment in the sun please). I've been reading tons about this camera and getting more and more excited with each article I read and each test image I saw, so I finally made the decision to invest in this little dream machine. The demand for them has been overwhelming, so they're back-ordered just about everywhere here in the US, but somehow I was blessed enough to place my order at B&H Photo a couple days ago where I was told they didn't yet have any in stock and didn't know when they would be getting them in, and yet mine showed up yesterday. Unbelievable!

I'm excited about the new possibilities the D3 gives me when I'm photographing my awesome clients... I truly believe it will change the way I photograph... for the better! I can't wait to give it a full test-drive over the next couple days, but here's a few images out of the box of her (yes, I have designated her a... well, her. Some guys name their cars, I'm choosing to personify my cameras. I'm taking name suggestions if you've got one).

Isn't she a beauty?






Anonymous said...

I just bumped up to the D300 and love it...I can only imagine your excitement!! Bettin' you already have pictures of it in your proud papa you!!


Patrick said...

Sexy, very sexy. Good on you, enjoy.

Adrienne said...

I can't wait to see some of your new images that you take with it.


Schrode said...

I cannot wait to see the images with the new camera Matt!

Here are my top 5 choices of names for said camera:

1.) Grace
2.) Imogen (get it - image?)
3.) Scarlett...or Gray for that matter :)
4.) Faith
5.) Helga (isn't their a new American Gladiator with this name?)

An added possibility could be either "Ohio" or "Marion".... speaking of....come home soon!

- Schrode

B said...

Camera porn... I like it.

Snapshot said...

oh so jealous

Jana said...

I'm a die-hard Canon and fan and even I'd had to admit that I have a bit of camera-envy here! Enjoy playing!!!

Angie Monson said...

I am so jealous!


Schrode said...

Dude - what is up with ALL of the women that comment to your site????? Did they learn about you first in that Dallas "Single Males" calendar you were in or something? Geesh!