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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Dinner Night { Asian! }


My friends Jerry & Tina love to entertain, and every once in a while we get together at their house for a themed dinner night where Tina puts together a menu and each person is responsible for making a dish. Last night was Asian night, and so my friends Kandis, Sarah, the hosts and myself gathered for Potstickers with Spicy Dipping Sauce, Egg Drop Soup, Sesame Green Beans, Szechuan Shrimp with Chili Sauce, and Pork Chow Mein.

Par for the course with these events, we started around 7pm and ate at 10. My underwhelming kitchen skills put us behind early as the potistickers had a list prep time of 20 minutes... I had 'em ready in 2 hours. I think I shoulda been given rice duty, It's all good, though, as the best part of these dinners is the socializing while cooking. And as you can see, after dinner we did a little Kung Fu fighting. Here's a few images from this episode of dinner night.

006_Tackett Asian Night_080209-Edit

126_Tackett Asian Night_080210-Edit

135_Tackett Asian Night_080210-Edit-Edit

104_Tackett Asian Night_080210-Edit

100_Tackett Asian Night_080210-Edit

082_Tackett Asian Night_080210-Edit

102_Tackett Asian Night_080210-Edit

071_3up_Tackett Asian Night_080210


Tina said...

Yes, Matt... it was a blast. And even though your first batch of potstickers were a bust, the second batch totally rocked. You see, you CAN cook! Thanks for a great night and great pictures to go along with it. My personal favorite is the one where I'm picking Sarah's nose with my chopsticks — Delish!

B said...

Are two of the girls wearing the same t-shirt?

Looks like it was a great party.

Matt Nicolosi said...

Ha ha... yes they are. They both got the same shirt for Christmas a while back and happened to show up both wearing it that night. Too funny.

Schrode said...


I, personally, liked the "kick" shots..... very Bruce Lee like my friend.

Did you get my e-mail about the 5 grand contest yet? You totally should enter...

By the way, the Jeep Wrangle is gone (sob) - I kissed it goodbye on Monday night.... I now have joined the Toyota Prius club @ around 45 MPG.... VERY cool car... and, yes, my competitive nature saved me about 3 grand from what the initial dealer wanted and what I ended up buying from another dealer for! CHA-CHING! That, my friend, is very chopstickish!

peace, hope, and Asian cuisine,

- Schrode

p.s. Thanks for the posts on the blog from you and Kylie - hilarious :)