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Friday, February 29, 2008

G'night, Dallas.

In contrast to the creepy ladies in the previous post, I love evening city scapes. Something very majestic about them. This isn't the best view point of downtown Dallas by any stretch, and the tall building in the middle actually has crazy green lights, but sometimes ya just gotta work with what ya got (thank you Photoshop), and what I had was a camera and 5 minutes of light left.

Anyway, just a quick image to end the day. G'night.



Kye said...

Great work as always.

Snapshot said...

Beautiful! said...

you are such a master, Matt.

Schrode said...

Bro - amazing images, as usual. You should send a copy to the Mayor of Dallas (is it still Mayor McCheese?)
to see if he would give you the key to the city.

Any chance of you getting some Marion images similar to this next time you come home? :)

- Schrode

kara elmore said...

Matt - we're constantly talking about you! ;) Your FANTASTIC eye and amazing knowledge! OHhhh to sit and pick your brain! And my little boy said he'd work for banana cream pie. you in??? ;)

Kendra said...

Your photography is absolutely amazing. And you get bonus points for being a David Crowder fan.