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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Aadhi & Sibi {brothers!}

Saturday I got too meet two of the coolest (and cutest) boys in town. Big brother Aadhi (who's name appropriately means 'beginning') and 8 month old Sibi (the name of an Indian king known for his philanthropy) belong to Sabari & Pasu. I've known Sabari for several years through my work at TI, and lemme tell ya, she's as sweet and friendly as they come. So it was no surprise that her boys were the same.

Sabari told me that Aadhi is typically very shy around people he doesn't know, so she kept telling him all week leading up to our session that "uncle Matt" was coming over to play and take some pictures. Too funny. She said Friday that he woke up and asked, "Is uncle Matt coming today?" Sure enough, when we showed up he was pretty withdrawn and quiet, so we were a little nervous. Ummm... no need to worry. Within 20 minutes, we were throwing stuffed animals at each other, having reflector fights (we didn't have swords, so Aadhi improvised), running after each other just laughing and having a blast.

Little Sibi... this guy's a charmer. Have you ever seen such big, penetrating eyes?? He was sleeping when we got there, and the first thing he did when we woke up and saw me and the my big scary camera pointing at him was cry? I can't blame him... I'd be a bit unnerved, too, if I woke from a deep, peaceful sleep to see someone I'd never seen before standing two feet away. Scary stuff. As soon as he got his bearings, though... he was as happy and inquisitive as he could be.

Dad was a trooper, too. We all worked pretty hard chasing these two dynamos around for a couple hours, but by the end of the session he was helping to hold reflectors and wrangling the kiddos at the same time.

We had a great day Saturday, and here's a few sneak peek images. I can't wait for Sabari & Pasu to see the rest of them. I'll post a slideshow of all their fab images after mom and dad have had a chance to see them.










Jana said...

What a couple of cuties! Looks like you had some fun backdrops to work with, you did a fantastic job as always!! said...

darn it Matt. Can you do a bad shot at all? And I love your treatment of the photos. It is Art!

Anonymous said...

Hey Matt
Just viewed your site today for first time. Totally cool pictures. I see a little bit of 'rebel' in you.
The SoupMan