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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Children of the Corn(y)

I'm still in Ohio and really loving my time back here. Today I went out to lunch with my dad and then spent the afternoon hanging out at my friend Schrode's house with him and his wife, Preston. They have a big corn field back behind their house, so Michael (Schrode) and I decided to do what any two responsible 34 year old men would do and jump in it. Maybe I shoulda called this post "Corn Flakes".

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Anonymous said...


It was GREAT to see you yesterday. I liked reading that you enjoyed being back home (subliminal message to you: "Midwest, Midwest" is being sent RIGHT now!).

The "Corn" pictures turned out amazing too. How you put us both together in the field is a pretty cool shot. Just don't let anyone call you Malachi unless you are planning on butchering a small town.

How did the "To Comnie" (Connie Vanover) letter pics turn out?????

Hope to talk with you soon bro!

- Schrode