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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Brand Building

This is such a cool time in my life to be able to do something I love and feel like I'm learning and building and creating and refining something new almost every day.

It's humbling to see something you've put so much time and effort and heart into finally start to grow and take on a life of it's own. Sometimes I feel like I'm just fortunate enough to be doing everything I can to hang on and enjoy the ride.

My friend Tina - who btw was voted Dallas Art Director of the Year in '06 - has been helping me [read: doing 95% of the work] to craft new brand identity materials that align with the vision I have for my photography work and where I'd like to steer the business. I'm excited about rolling out these first pieces over the next couple months, including this new, hot-off-the-press brochure. Not only did she do the design work and coordinated the printing, she and her husband Jerry willingly offered to spend last Friday night helping me fold 750 pieces. How cool is that?!

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Jen-Sugar said...

Gorgeous...I'm jealous!

I'll trade my MOC (Mounds of Crap) for these brochures any day!

You are so on the ball...I'm still just trying to locate my printer.