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Saturday, June 23, 2007

T(ackett) Time

Earlier this week my buddy Jerry (light green shirt) celebrated his forty-something birthday. (No one's really counting, Jerry... promise). Jerry's wife Tina planned a mini-surprise for him earlier this week by lining up a couple of the guys (myself, Ed and Mike) for a little guys morning out with a round of golf. Jerry was just planning on going into work for a couple hours today but found out this morning he had a tee time waiting for him... great idea, Tina. Next year could you surprise all of us with a few lessons first?

As for the golf... well, let's just say Tiger's not worried about us challenging his current PGA reign just yet. But hey, if you're gonna pay that much money to play, my theory is you should get as many strokes in as you can. Mission accomplished.

Happy birthday, Jerry.

P.S. This is one of the times I wish I had a simple point-n-shoot camera. People get a bit intimidated by all the buttons on a big camera when you ask them to take a group photo for you. Bless her heart, I framed out the picture in the camera for this sweet lady at the golf course before joining the other 3 guys, told her where to stand and asked her just to push that little shutter release button for a nice tight shot of the four of us. I had to laugh a little as we watched her keep backing up saying something about wanting to make sure we were all in the window until she finally took the picture with the four of us being very small in the lower left hand corner of the image. As you can see I just did a little cropping and it turned out fine, so thank you sweet golf course lady!

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