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Monday, June 4, 2007

Party of 5, please...

Okay, actually it's 7 if you count mom and dad, but when you've got that many, who's counting? Over Memorial Day weekend, Kylie and I stopped in to visit Rob and Emily Wright, a couple of friends of hers from Indiana. Rob and Emily are the proud owners of 5 brand new, shiny, beautiful babies. Yes, 5... as in quintuplets... as in ohmygosh... as in "Uh, honey, what do we do now?"

When we stopped in only 3 of the little ones, Peyton (named after who else? - a little-known Colts quarterback and Super Bowl MVP), Sydney and Ethan were at home. Landon an Jenna were still at the hospital until they get a little bigger and a little stronger, but they should be joining the rest of the party in the next couple days if they haven't already.

Now, I know plenty of families that had 5 or more kiddos, but none of them all at one time. Can you imagine? How do you even keep them all straight?? Even with just 3 of them home when we were there, it's a round-the-clock operation with volunteers coming in at all hours of the day and night to help feed, change, do laundry, bathe and just generally pacify & entertain these rookies. I was blown away by the whole scene. How cool, though, that they live in a town with so many people who are willing to help out and do whatever is needed. That's what community is all about... people helping people.

God bless and best wishes, Rob & Emily... just think of all the presents you'll have coming your way on Mother's Day and Father's Day in the years to come!

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Dave Richards said...

Hey the photos are absolutely beautiful....thanks for sharing them with us...and it was wonderful going through your post...thanks for sharing all of this with us!!!!