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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Angel Eyes (x2)

Now I've seen some cute kids, but this dynamic duo had some of the most incredible eyes you'll ever see. Mom and dad certainly passed on some good genes.

Jai was such a sweet and polite little guy. He - like many of the kiddos - wasn't quite sure about that big lens pointing at him at first, but he eventually warmed up and even decided it was time for him to dawn his proverbial cape and show us his Superman powers (with just a little help from his uncle).

Jai's little brother Rishi, on the other hand, was just glad to be at the party. He was content to take it all in and didn't care whether we were there or not; he was going to be happy and adorable either way 'cause that's just what he does. He did look a little nervous for a second, though, when I asked his big brother if I should sing him a Barney song to make him smile.

Thanks for making my job look easy, fellas.

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