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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Breaking News: Snow Storm Cripples Dallas

DALLAS, TX - Big D was blind-sided with a quarter inch of snow today, and city officials have contemplated shutting down the city until a plan can be put in place to deal with this blizzard. One government employee who did not wish to be identified said, "This is a difficult situation. It's a lot of snow and people don't know how to deal with it. We're doing the best we can, but some people might be forced to spend the evening at home with their families watching American Idol and Celebrity Apprentice. Unfortunately we just don't have any answers right now, but the citizens of Dallas can be assured we're working to resolve the situation as soon as possible."

Tomorrow's weather forecast for Dallas calls for temperatures in the low 50s by early afternoon.



Snapshot said...

They are calling for a "crippling" snow storm of 1-3 inches in North Alabama tonight and tomorrow morning. No bread or milk can be found within a 100 mile radius!

Cindy said...

Ha ha ha! That is so funny. I grew up in Texas and I still think it's ridiculous how everyone FREAKS out when it starts to snow. said...

bwahahaha...too funny

Sherri Jackson said...

Having grown up in the midwest (hey, we were neighbors -- I grew up in Mt. Gilead), I am always amused to see how people who aren't so familiar with snow react to it.

I was in Dallas in April and while making my way to Houston, it started to snow. I stopped to get some lunch at a Subway, but couldn't find anyone to make my sandwich, as all of the employees were running around outside, marveling at the cold, fluffy stuff falling from the sky and trying to catch the flakes on their tongues. I coudn't help but smile.

And if you ever want to do some great people-watching, head to to grocery store when there's a call for a *dusting* of snow and watch people race by -- panic-stricken -- with 2 carts each, full of milk, bread, booze, toilet paper and batteries.

Schrode said...

Bro.... 10-15 inches today, tonight, and through tomorrow here at "home" in Marion.... blizzard "watch" in effect.... Lola is just loving the snow. I will send you some images tomorrow!

Enjoy your taste of home with some of that white stuff my friend!