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Thursday, March 6, 2008

San Frantatstic

I spent the last couple days on a mini tour of the west coast for some meetings with some top notch design firms for a project I'm working on with TI. There wasn't a whole lotta time for photo hunting, but we did have a little time one morning during our stop in San Francisco. Here's a few images to prove I was there.


Another view of the bridge.



Looking down the stairwell at the hotel.


Typical street view near downtown.


Here's the view from the glass elevator at the Westin I stayed at downtown.



Philip Casey said...

I wish I was in San Francisco today!

Snapshot said...

As always, magnificent! said...

Can't believe you were in my back yard without nary a hint of it....beautiful shots as always. I sometimes take for granted how beautiful SFO is. You captured it brilliantly!!!!

You should consider doing a "shoot-out" here in SFO. I am certain there is a following of your work here and you will gatehr a lot of attendees!!!!

Heather Meyers said...

That first one is just INCREDIBLE Matt - texture use is to die for ;o)
Something freeing about that type of pp with landscapes - I'm havin so much fun with my travel pics ;o)