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Saturday, May 5, 2007

My 1st White House Gig

So I was recently invited as part of a group of about 500 photographers to visit the White House and photograph as much as I wanted. Okay, so it was actually at the George Bush Sr. Presidential Library in College Station, and I wasn't technically invited as much as simply given free entry to the museum that was housing this travelling exhibit during a vist with a bunch of other photographers as part of a class at Texas A&M, but, hey, I still got to photograph the White House.

The exhibit's called The White House In Miniature, but there's nothing miniature about the size of this incredibly detailed model of the most famous house in the country. It's 55 feet long by 20 feet wide with the rooms inside being exact replicas of the real thing complete with tiny working TVs in several places.

What was intresting to me is how big the White House actually is. When you see it on TV or in photographs, sure it looks like a good size building, but it doesn't look huge. Lemme tell ya, it's huge.

I also felt very patriotic as I stood for 84 minutes watching a video documentary on the history of the white house and all that's been added to it/changed over the years. I know what your thinking... 'you stood for 84 minutes to watch a documentary? On the White House??" I'm here to tell ya, yes, I did. And even scarier I'd probably do it again if I had it all to do over. It really was fascinating, and I highly recommend the exhibit if your in the College Station neighborhood.

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