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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Scerious Science

Wow, who knew science could be so cool? Well, at least now that I don't have to take it to graduate. Today I was in a science classroom at a local high school to take a few images of some educational product ideas for a project I'm working on at Texas Instruments. Some things truly do never change; when the teacher we were talking to left the room, it was time to play around with all the toys. Anatomical Andy rocks!

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I was never very good with the Periodic Table and what combines safely with what, but thanks to Mr. Corbin's serious grading curve in 8th grade Chemistry (we're talkin' 13 out of 40 correct answers is a C+), I squeezed by. My favorite part of that class was the labs, though. What guy doesn't like combining chemicals he knows nothing about to see if he can make something dangerous?

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This image was purely for scientific research and my own dumb curiosity. Please don't e-mail me telling me I'm promoting glue-sniffing. I didn't - and still don't - see how someone could get high sniffing glue. My test results? High? Hardly. Nauseating? Without a doubt.

I have no idea what I'm doing in this image. Seriously. This was some kind of bony fish with spikes and apparently I was trying to soften him up a bit... he looked a little mean.


Nicole Mc said...

This is so bizarre, I had the most AWESOME science teacher in 4th, 5th, and 6th grade. He tought us the parts of the body on one of those exact manequin things. I was JUST thinking about it today and then here you are with one. I probably hadn't thought about that thing in 15 years. FREAKY!!!

Love your blog!!

Patrick said...

I actually have a polaroid of me trying to kiss a gigantic madagascar coakroach from when I was shooting a flyer for a extermination company. I showed it to a potter friend I had barely known for a month, that friend is now my wife.

The best thing of grade nine science was burning amorphous sulfur stinking out the classroom.

Great memories, thanks

Jana said...

Just wanted to stop lurking and finally say hello from San Antonio....found your blog just surfing the net one night and love your photography and blog. You crack me up!