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Saturday, January 19, 2008

My Wonder Years

I went through a couple shoe boxes of old photographs the other day... amazing how an image can completely take you back to a different time in your life and in an instant make you remember things you haven't thought about in years. I think that's why I love being a photographer and creating images for people... what's more important than the stories and memories of our lives?

Apparently I'm still a bit intoxicated on nostalgia, though, since against my better judgment I thought it would be fun to post a couple of the gems I found. Enjoy!

Love Olan Mills work. Such realism in their images. What kid didn't play football in poster-perfect pastures wearing plaid pants and a turtle neck?

Who doesn't pack a white, short-sleeve, button-down dress shirt for camping trips?

If I'm not cute here, I don't know what is. I'm pretty sure I peed my pants shortly after this, though. I had a bad habit of not wanting to take time out from playing outside to come inside and go to the bathroom when Mother Nature called.

My brother was an obvious fan of early mornings on Christmas. Either that or someone just told him Santa brought him underwear for Christmas.

Hey, Davy Jones, the rest of the Monkees called... they're wondering if you're in for the reunion tour?

White men truly can't jump. I proved it conclusively in junior high track long before Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes did.

Nice rolled jeans, Fonzie. Although, this style is coming back now, so I might argue I was ahead of my time from a fashion perspective.

Ahh... the gold necklace with the HS football jersey number on it. So original... like no one else was doing that in th early 90's. Very manly and cool, especially with the powder-puff white dog.

So pensive. A GAP model in the making. Actually, I was more likely looking down to make sure my jeans were rolled up.

True or false: Having your subject face directly into the sun makes for a flattering, natural-looking smile? And hey, Don Johnson, where's Tubbs?

Hmmm... I see a John Travolta Urban Cowboy starter-kit happening here.

Apparently the letter to parents with kids entering kindergarten said to dress them in stripes that matched the school bus to make it easier for the bus driver to know when she needed to stop.

Again with the plaid pants. And is the person in the background wearing an orange prison jump suit? Is there something somebody wants to tell me?

I'm sure Adam and I's prom dates are sitting on a bench on the other side of the dance floor pretending they're having fun, too... or maybe we're just laughing at that year's apparent faux jungle theme.

My last HS football game... I knew I had muscles once. Also, I remember "accidentally" tearing a big hole in the side of that jersey before the end of the game pretending it happened when someone tackled me in hopes I would be allowed to keep it. Turns out I was allowed to keep it but never wore it again because , well, it had a big hole in the side of it. Genius, I know.


Anonymous said...

Dude.... Adam will kill you when he finds out you have him with a "Kentucky Waterfall" mullet at prom posted on your blog :) On second thought.... nah, it certainly is a keeper!

GREAT pics Matt - did you find any of our baseball or basketball teams? I am sure we could get some good laughs out of the mesh "PLEASANT" hats (was that look for vent purposes?) and your short shorts from bball. Hilarious. If only we would have taken MORE pictures of our school days!

Thanks for sharing!

- Schrode

B said...

Aw, you were a cute kid! I especially love the hot pink hat with the white pom pom on top. Very macho.

Anonymous said...

omg -- love these old pics. A few look like Scott
Baio ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh my! I just discovered your blog via the Open Photo Contest and was cruising through your posts and saw your track photo. You went to Pleasant? In the early 90s? I went to Mt. Gilead in the early 90s and also ran track (and have an awesomely bad, dated photo, just like you). Wouldn't it be funny if we had meets against each other at some point? Small, small world, eh? I have since escaped from Ohio, however.

Anyhow, LOVE your work! Gotcha on my Google reader and look forward seeing more. And congrats on the contest!