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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Fun Screen Cleaner

Best screen cleaning method I've seen to date... makes me want to get my screen cleaned all day long.

Try it yourself!


UPDATE: Apparently the link above has become a bit of a phenomenon on the web adn the server that hosted it couldn't handle all the traffic, so it's down for now. Hopefully it will be back on-line someday soon.


Jessica G said...

As a pug owner, I LOVED this. I'm going to have to bookmark it!

Cecile said...

awwww - so cute.

Patrick said...

Midded it, the link seems to be down.

Marsha Stein said...

Hi Matt,

I purchased the templates over a year ago and I was going through my files. I have the templates 1-4 but seem to be missing 5 and the holiday card that came with it.

What is the name of the zip folder?
Or is there anyway that I could get those two. I didnt remember that they came with it until I was searching for more goodies today.

Thank you,