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Monday, April 2, 2007

Robin & Crystalyn [ married! ]

Robin and Crystalyn were married on Saturday at the historic Old Red Courthouse in downtown Dallas. The ceremony was beautiful and one of the coolest things was that both the bride and the groom shed tears during the vows. It's great to see such real, unrehearsed, raw emotions shared between two people in such a momentous time in their lives. (Sorry, Robin... I didn't mean to out you on the tears, but let's face it - you had every girl in the room sighing and crying)

One cool thing that the now-newlyweds had at their wedding was an Apache Blessing reading. I had never heard of this before, but it's applicable in many areas of our lives. The idea behind the blessing is that when making decisions, you take into account the impact of the results for the next 10 generations to follow you.

Congrats again, and have a blast in NYC!


Pam said...


This is from Pam, Crystalyn's mom. I met you in November in Dallas. You took some beautiful pictures of the wedding!!
Thanks for sharing them. When I have time, I'll look at your photos of your last trip to China.


Bonnie said...

Dear Matt,
Again, your talent is overwhelming!
The engagement photos at Thanksgiving set the stage for the entire wedding experience and your photos of the wedding day reconfirm your astounding ability to totally capture the moment.
You're the greatest Matt, Thank you so very, very much.
Bonnie (Robin's Mom)

Matt Nicolosi said...

Pam and Bonnie-

Thanks so much for the kind words. It was my pleasure and honor to help in any way I could. Crystalyn and Robin are great, and I wish them peace, love and prosperity in their journey together.

And, hey, if they ever need a baby photographer...