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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Suzanne and Ryan {engaged!}

Suzanne and Ryan recently got engaged and made a trip up to Dallas to spend a Saturday afternoon with us to create some images of this amazing time in their lives. Both are graduates of Texas Tech (all Tech graduates reading this post with their guns up, it is now time to put them back down), and I had to apologize to Ryan within the first five minutes of the session. It seems when Suzanne's mom and I spoke on the phone and scheduled the appointment weeks in advance, we failed to take into account the Red Raiders would be playing Texas during at the same time as our session. Oops. Sorry again, Ryan. I felt your pain, though, as my Buckeyes were also playing at the same time. Hey, in hindsight everything turned out for the best, though, as we had a lot more fun creating these amazing images than we - or at least I - would have watching both our teams go down in flames.

Both Suzanne and Ryan were great... very laid back and willing to do anything I asked... I wish all my sessions were that easy. Very fun couple, and I can't wait for them to see all their images. Here's a few sneak peeks (click on images for larger previews).

Stay tuned for a slideshow in a future post.

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Nicol said...

Love this session.