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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Boston is Cool

Scratch that. Boston is cold. Actually, I'm just a big baby. It's not that cold here... yet. But when I'm comparing the weather here with the sunny, low 80's weather in Dallas, it's justifiably frigid. I got in this evening, dropped my bag off at the hotel and took a quick walk to find some dinner and grabbed a few images along the way. I really like coming to Boston because it's got such a rich history and cool things to see and photograph at every turn. And downtown is so people-friendly with all the greenery, parks and cool little neighborhoods. There's plenty of hot sports opinions waiting to be heard here, too. With the Red Sox winning the world series, the Patriots steamrolling everything in sight, and the Celtics off to the best start in the league this year, it's hard to argue with them.

Check out this big guy sticking his tongue out at me when I took his picture.


Snapshot said...

Beautiful. Makes me want to go!

Julie said...

You take the best architectural photos. (Loved the Philly ones!) You have a great eye for that. It seems like it would take any other photographer all night to come up with the assortment of eye-catching images you have.

Sweet Whispers Photography said...

Hey Matt-

I just came across your blog as I was searching for a template - the google gods linked me to your site -- I quickly realized you are a fellow OSPer and wanted to say hello! On another note, how long are you in boston!? I live just north of the city! Its beautiful here isn't it! :) Are you here for business or fun!? Should you need suggestions or advice of whats around feel free to ask! Stay warm - yes, its a bit cold up here!! :)

Blessings, Keri