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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Friends are Fun!!

I love photographing friends because it's so much easier to feel relaxed and have fun. Plus I don't feel bad asking them to do quirky or better yet dangerous things all in the name of a great image... or at least a great image in my head. Sometimes they just don't pan out, but, hey, that's what friends are for, right?

Yesterday we went out with Paige & Colin and Juan and Allison and their little superstar, Seth, to capture some images for Colin and Allison's dad's birthday present. Shhh... it's a surprise. Ben if you're reading this, close this window immediately, empty your browser cache, and remove this bookmark from your favorites until after October. Consider this your "do not view until November" courtesy message.

Despite a little bit of rain, we had a ton of fun, and these guys were great. Little Seth is gonna be a ladies man before long. Such a sweet and good-looking little guy... watch out girls!

I'll post a slideshow in a couple days. Until then, enjoy these sneak peeks!

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Sugar Photography said...

love these! I need to hit the canals and play with my kids-I always love the texture in your images

ps) tag-you're it!