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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

1 Dog, 2 Personalities

Dr Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde called... they want their dog back.

Take a look at these before and after images of Zoe from today. She got a bath this morning, and [sorry, Zoe, put your paws over your ears] she just looks plain scary in the post-rinse/pre-dried stage. And terrified. And evil. And remarkably like a rat with long, sopping-wet hair. The before image makes Cujo seem like Lassie.

All is well, though. In true Zoe form, she quickly recovered and looked presentable again, and - aside from not setting paw anywhere in or even near the bathroom (a.k.a. "scene of the crime") she seems to have suffered no apparent side effects. I think I have caught her giving the occasional evil eye, though. Nothing a little Beggin' Strip won't cure.

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Snapshot aka Kelley said...

Tooo funny. Our Jack Russells are NOT about a bath either. Don't you wish you could read her mind when WHILE she's wet, you grab the camera and take a picture. Oh....maybe you don't want to read her mind!