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Monday, July 16, 2007

A Need for Nostalgia

It's been a while since I've posted any "Image(s) of the Week" entries.

"A while?? Try a month!" Hey, pipe down, peanut gallery... Things have been very busy lately [good thing] which also means I've not had a chance to go out and do as much 'playing' with the camera [bad thing].

Anyway, I'm not ready to call these "Images of the Week" either as it may set expectations that I would actually follow through and post another installment next week. Besides, it feels incredibly freeing at this point to simply remove even one item from my relentless, never-ending to do list.

I love old, worn out, vintage cars. There's just something very nostalgic and cool about them, not too mention they make great subjects for art pieces for the walls. This beauty [click on images for larger views] is an old rail yard utility truck located at the Rail Road Museum down in Fair Park near downtown Dallas.

Old trains are another favorite of mine, but for some reason I didn't take many images of trains at the train museum. How does that happen?

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