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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Ho Ho Holy Smokes This Thing Rocks!

I'm convinced Steve Jobs could run for president and make a respectable showing. Seriously.

Ahh... jolly old St Nick made one last stop straight from the Apple store this afternoon and dropped off a long-awaited iPhone. It's been a difficult stretch and a test of will power since June when this magic box was first made available to the GP. I've left a lot of nose prints on Apple store windows since then as I looked on longingly as others smuggly purchased their shiny new phones inside. Today Santa redeemed me.

And in typical Apple fashion, set-up and activation was a breeze and took only a couple minutes from the comfort of my own chair at home using iTunes. Flawless. In fact, I was even a bit shocked when after only a couple minutes my iPhone debuted it's first ring when I received my inaugural call from my friend, Kandis. Too cool.

In un-typical fashion, actually buying the iPhone at the Apple store was a bit of a hassle. Maybe more on that in a later post, but for now a quick word of advice to anyone out their with aspirations of purchasing an iPhone at the store, too: Don't bother trying to pay cash. You can't. Credit card only. All things considered, though, it was worth the small inconvenience.

Here's cool iPhone use #1 - taking pictures of long forgotten 2 month old chili in the fridge. Kinda looks like a coral reef or something, doesn't it? I've called the local Haz-Mat office... they're coming tomorrow to remove this toxic growth.


Schrode said...

An EXCELLENT score on the iPhone my friend! I can't wait to hear how you like it as you use it over the next couple of months! I'm not sure if I told you for certain, but we resigned with Sprint so I got a very teenage-friendly LG "Rumor" phone with slide out QWERTY keyboard to usher me into the texting age :)

In 2 years then we will certainly look at an iPhone :)

Oh... we received the pictures in the mail yesterday - they are GREAT! Thanks again Matt!!!!!!

- Schrode

Snapshot said...

Ah, fuzzy hair on food. Reminds me of college days when you didn't dare throw out food until it grew a few sprouts of hair and fuzz balls.
I still find stuff like that in my frig and I'm long out of college.