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Monday, October 15, 2007

All Things Vintage

I love old things. Period. If it's got a hint of nostalgia to it, I'm a fan. If it reeks of time gone by, even better (hamburger meat notwithstanding). Weathered barns, rusted out cars, trains, rail road tracks, faded signs... these are a few of my favorite things... to photograph (sorry for putting the song in your head). I was back 'home' in Ohio this weekend and had a chance to get lost out in the country to do some photography, and although I was a little too early for the fall color, I still found a few things reminiscent of days gone by during my favorite time of year. Here's a couple more of my favorites. Click on an image for a larger preview.

Also, speaking of Ohio, my HS buddy Schrode and his wife Amanda give birth to their first baby last week, and she is so precious. Stay tuned for a few images of little Reagan this week.

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Kelly said... these. I just need a couple spare hours to shoot some of the fantastic stuff around my area. It's just so hard to find the time.
Love your images, Matt...really fantastic stuff.