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Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I'm currently half way around the world and unable to watch the NCAA college basketball tournament on TV in China, but I bleed scarlet and gray no matter where I am. Truth be told I'm much more of an OSU football fanatic, but as a proud alumnus and lifelong member of the Buckeye Nation, I'm more than happy to jump on the Ohio State basketball bandwagon now that they're the #1 seed in the tournament.

I know, I know... being the #1 seed at the start of the tournament is certainly no precursor of things to come [insert any number of stories here about the OSU football team ranked #1 all year only to be embarrassed in that depressing debacle against Florida in the national championship game], but given the choice, I'd rather be ranked #1 than not. Besides, it's much easier to talk trash to your friends when your team's on top. Now I'm just hoping they don't bow out ungraciously in a "one for the ages" upset to a no-name Cinderella school in the 1st round. Not this year.

Go Bucks!

... I-O!

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