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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Vintage Contemporary Storyboard Collection

Well, after continuing to answer countless emails on the storyboard templates I created several months ago, I finally wised up and decided to make it easier for the GP to get info about them as well as be able to purchase them right from the blog. I know, I know... what took me so long? Guess I'm a slow learner. So, here's the 411:

Each template is a 250dpi layered Photoshop file that’s fully customizable, so if you want to change the colors, move design elements around, add/delete elements, this is very easy to do. In addition, each design includes an extended 2" border all the way around in case you want to offer these as gallery wraps. These templates also come with a couple video tutorials showing you how to insert your images into the files, change colors, etc. Very easy and very fast. Also, as a bonus I’m throwing in a custom 5x7 vintage holiday card template for those that purchase the templates.

Cost: $95 (~$20/template + free 5x7 holiday card template)
Sorry, no individual template purchases at this time, only the set.

I’ve tested the templates with Photoshop CS, CS2 and CS3, and everything works fine. It may work for earlier versions before CS, I just haven’t tested for those. I've also been told the templates work with Photoshop Elements. IMPORTANT: The fonts I've used in these templates aren't included. So, if you don't have the font I used, the text wording will still be editable, but the file will likely substitute some other default font on your system. You can either purchase the font or use your own favorite font instead, and I’ve included notes about which fonts I used in each template for your reference in a FAQ sheet when you purchase the templates.

If you are interested, please send payment ($95) via PayPal to, and I will email you a download link for the templates as quickly as possible, and certainly within 24 hours of receiving your payment. So please be sure to include your correct email address with your PayPal payment.

Due to the nature of the product, exchanges and refunds are not possible. However, if you change your mind before I send out the links - I am happy to offer you credit.

Please let me know if you have any questions at all. Also, I’ve images below showing a little larger view of the storyboards.

Storyboard 1 (10x20)

Storyboard 2 (10x20)

Storyboard 3 (10x20)

Storyboard 4 (20x20)

Storyboard 5 (20x20)

Bonus! Free 5x7 Holiday Card Template


Cecile said...

I have this collection and simply love it! Waiting on the next set of storyboards (hint hint)

Matt Nicolosi said...

Haha... thanks, Cecile. Hopefully there will be new storyboards for Spring!

Patrick said...

Purchased! Daily reader and occasional commenter on your blog, Matt. Great stuff!

Only one gripe: no workshop. Get busy on it! :)


L- Photography said...

Hi Matt
New to your site...I LOVE LOVE LOVE your pic. and templates..would you consider doing templates for Lightroom?
I'm pretty new to photography about yr. Excited to learn all that comes with it.
Thank-you for all your great info. great site.

Renee Sprink Photography said...

Any possibility you'd see just the christmas card? I'd love to have that....change the wording and it's a great Valentine's card!!

Melinda said...

These templates are stunning~ Wow!